5 simple ways to refresh your home this spring

5 simple ways to refresh your home this spring

Thinking about sprucing up your home and having a post-Christmas declutter? As experts in creating smart, tailored furniture and home storage solutions, we offer our five practical tips for revitalising your space.

1) Organise your clutter

Clutter is the biggest complaint that most people have in their homes. In smaller spaces, especially, clutter can quickly get out of hand and make the room feel crowded.

The easiest way to create some breathing space is to clear down the sides and tidy away excess clutter. Easier said than done, we know – especially if your cupboard space is limited.

Many homes have loads of wasted space that is underutilised, such as awkward alcoves or under the stairs. Bespoke storage units can help you harness this space and turn it into a useful area for tidying away shoes, paperwork, cleaning supplies, and all those odds and ends that quickly pile up.

2) Focus on your key living spaces

When refreshing your home, it makes sense to focus on the spaces you spend the majority of your time in. The living room is usually where people spend most of their free time at home, and it’s also a key hub for entertaining guests. Therefore, it makes sense to start there.

Simple changes like a new coffee table can make all the difference. Or, if you want to go even bigger, you could consider creating a bar area (perfect for spending the evening with friends) or revamping your TV and display units to hide the things you don’t want on show (cables and consoles) while showcasing the things you do (ornaments and other decorative items).

3) Fix broken furniture

Not only is broken furniture no longer fit for purpose, but it’s a sure-fire way to make a room feel tired and drab. If you have wardrobe doors that run off their hinges or drawers that no longer close properly, we can design bespoke furniture that suits your home and is built to last.

4) Get adventurous with colour

Mixing up your colour scheme can be a cost-effective way to inject a bit of life into your space. It could be as simple as switching out your rug or cushions, or going as far as painting the room a completely different colour – from calm and neutral to vibrant and energised, you can create the perfect atmosphere with the right colour palette.

5) Sometimes less really is more

It’s a saying for a reason – sometimes, especially with smaller rooms, clean lines and minimal furniture can help to create the illusion of space. Built-in cupboards and cabinetry are a neat and tidy way of having all your essential items tucked away out of sight.

With soft furnishings (such as throws, cushions, and curtains), clashing prints, textures and colours can make a room feel busy and overcrowded. By being clever about your choices, you can create an elegant space that still feels welcoming and cosy.

With custom display units, you can be selective about the items you have on show, to give the space a refined and curated feel.

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