Custom Storage Solutions: Maximise Space

Custom Storage Solutions: Maximise Space

Make the most of every inch of your home with bespoke storage solutions from our fitted furniture experts

Whether your home is large or a little on the small side, making the most of the space you have is always a priority. Our custom furniture designers are here to share just a few of the many custom storage solutions we recommend for those looking to make the very most of every corner.

Bed storage

We’ve all seen those beds with the lift up mattresses that allow you to store clothes underneath, but what if your bed could be custom designed with shelves in the frame that are built especially to fit your prized possessions? What if your bed could house your TV on a motorised unit, include out of sight shoe storage or even fold away into the wall to make the most of your space during the day? When it comes to design, our custom furniture experts know no bounds!

Under-stairs shelving and storage

Keeping the space under your staircase tidy and presentable can be a real challenge. Our storage designers can create bespoke storage, including cupboards, shelving and drawers, to fit perfectly under your stairs, creating a neat and tidy space that is also a fully functional storage solution.

Fireplace storage units

Yes, really! Our specialist designers can create bespoke fireplace surrounds with hidden storage cupboards, allowing you to make the very most of your space and keep clutter out of sight.

Mounted TV storage space

Once your TV has been mounted onto the wall, why not design a surrounding storage unit that not only frames your living room’s focal point but also helps to hide away unsightly consoles, wires, DVDs and video games?

Want to find out more about our custom storage solutions? Whatever you have in mind, our custom-fitted furniture team is here to help. From built-in wardrobes, custom shelving and desks to bespoke bar areas and cupboards, we’re here to help! Get in touch today.