Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian Interior Design

How can you achieve a bohemian interior style in five simple steps?

Done right, the Bohemian style is the ultimate celebration of shabby-chic. It first became popular around 50 years ago - following the hippy era of the 60s and 70s - and has now been refined into a cosy, creative style that incorporates natural materials and bold prints. 

What is bohemian style interior design? 

To channel the bohemian style, you should look to blend rich colours with different textures, patterns, and fabrics. There should be an element of harmonised disorder, with big bold highlights in the forms of synthetic furs, bright plants, and jazzy, mismatched throws. 

Bohemian style interior design: how do you achieve it? 

So how do you achieve bohemian interior design in just five steps?

1. Invest in vintage furniture

Aged furniture is perfect for the bohemian style – it’s worth having a look around antique stores and second hand furniture shops for odd trinkets that can be used to create your new look. For statement pieces, or for furniture fitting a unique specification, Custom Made can create modern furniture with a rustic finish. This’ll help you achieve a modern-look with flecks of the bohemian interior style.

2. Layer patterns to create drama

The bohemian style contrasts bold patterns and textures using middle-eastern inspired coloured schemes – think warm reds, oranges, golds, greens, browns and metallics. You can use these textures and colours to soften up big, bold, straight-lined furniture pieces – like the Custom Made wall unit featured below. 

3. Create a cultural feel with global ornaments and wall art

Embracing different cultures is a big part of the bohemian style, so if you do find some Egyptian- inspired art, Arabian statues, or Southern American-inspired wall hangings on your travels, they’ll make the perfect addition to your new room. A TV unit like the Custom Made one featured above is the perfect display place for your boho collection.

4. It’s all about the soft lighting

When it comes to creating that Bohemian feel, it’s all about soft lighting. Soft lighting helps to bring out the warm colours in your fabrics and décor, creating a cosy environment. Combine table lamps, fairy lights, and candles for that ultimate bohemian look.

5. Go for the rustic finish

Whether you’re looking to use vintage furniture or invest in bespoke custom made furniture, a rustic finish will always help to bring that bohemian vibe to the room. You can achieve this by distressing painted furniture, or by going for a distressed effect on a modern design like we have here on the TV unit featured below.

We’ll help you to combine bohemian interior design with modern lines

Here at Custom Made, we create bespoke custom-designed furniture for bedrooms, living spaces, kitchens, home offices, and commercial property. We can help you to achieve a blend of bohemian and modern by enabling you to combine clean-edged furniture with rustic finishing touches.

If you have a furniture idea for your home, speak to our team of designers, who’ll be able to bring your idea to life. Or why not visit our showroom in Poole – talk to our designers face to face, in a Covid-friendly environment, and view our existing furniture.