Your Fitted Wardrobe Options

Your Fitted Wardrobe Options

Transform your bedroom into a space dreams are made of with our fitted wardrobes. Designed to maximise your existing space, our wardrobes are made-to-measure so you can choose from a range of styles, colours and finishes to suit your style perfectly. 

Sliding or hinged door fitted wardrobe?

When space in your bedroom is at a premium, installing made-to-measure wardrobes with sliding doors is an excellent way to maximise the space you have available. As the doors slide back neatly behind one another, you will no longer have to worry about damaging them on other furniture or struggling to reach your best pair of shoes because the doors won’t fully open. If space isn’t a worry or you’re after a more traditional look, then fitted wardrobes with hinged doors may be the perfect choice for you. 

Bespoke interiors built around your lifestyle

Whether you’re a connoisseur of handbags or a collector of ties, a fitted wardrobe that’s made-to-measure will provide you with the perfect storage space for all your clothes and accessories. From compartmentalised draws for storing jewellery and watches to racks for hanging suits, fitted wardrobes can be built around your specific needs by our experienced designers. 

Match your other bedroom furniture 

Once you’ve experienced the beauty and convenience of fitted wardrobes, you’ll want each piece of furniture in your bedroom to match. At Custom Made Furniture, we specialise in not only crafting your ideal wardrobe, but all other bedroom furniture too, from bedside cabinets to dressing tables. 

Choose from a range of materials and finishes

At Custom Made Furniture, your fitted wardrobe and furniture is built around you. So, you can choose from a vast selection of different of options including door styles, types of wood, gloss lacquers, veneers and mirrors. No matter what idea you have for your fitted wardrobes just let your Custom Made Furniture designer know and we will do our best to deliver it. 

To arrange your free fitted wardrobe consultation, contact the friendly team at Custom Made Furniture by either completing and submitting the online enquire form or by calling 01202 737555 today.