Tips for designing a home office

Tips for designing a home office

Create a perfect home office with our expert advice

Designing a home office is one of the most rewarding things you can do for your business. By shaping it to your own needs, you can create a perfect blend of style and substance that reflects your business while improving your house at the same time. Read on for our furniture designers' expertise in what makes the perfect home office, from the spacing to the shelving.

Make a list of the essentials

It’s your office: no one knows the business needs more so than you, so before you get started, make a list of the vital components. Do you need just the one desk or more? From there you’ll have a better idea of chairs, shelves, computers and even a phone line: consider dedicating a new landline for your business for a more professional feel.

Maximise your workspace

What have you got to work with? Even in a small space, you can get creative with your home office and fit bespoke furniture into whatever space you have to work with. If this office is part of another room, consider fitting in wardrobes and drawers around the desk as opposed to the other way around.

Find your work/life balance

It’s important to draw a line between your personal and professional life. If your home office is in your bedroom this can be difficult, but the first step is to give yourself office hours and establish a time that you’re off the clock. From there, why not consider partitioning or a room divider to set some boundaries? This can make your office feel more like an office, and less like the corner of your room.  

Incorporate shelving

Documentation, invoices and equipment are necessities for any office, and it shouldn’t be any different just because your office is part of where you live. Fitted shelving can help keep your office organised, but it has an aesthetic advantage and can make your office look professional and classy.

Choose comfort

You spend more time at work than almost anywhere else: it’s important that you enjoy your surroundings! Choosing the right desk height and sorting plenty of storage space will help you in the long-term with comfort and practicality. Choosing fitted furniture can tailor the office to you, and after all, you’re more likely to produce better work in a better office.