How to create the ultimate home office

How to create the ultimate home office

Here are three ways that you can improve your home office and ensure ultimate comfort.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, more people than ever before are working from home. Whilst lockdown restrictions are now starting to ease, it is expected that many businesses will continue to allow their staff to work from home for months to come. Your business may even start to implement flexible working arrangements.

If you have found that your home workspace leaves a lot to be desired, then our team of experienced furniture designers can help. Here are three ways that you can improve your home office and ensure ultimate comfort:

Invest in a comfier office chair

You likely spend a good portion of your day sitting in it; a comfortable office chair is a must. Chronic neck and back pain are all common symptoms of a bad desk chair, which can not only impact your mood and health, but also your productivity. Choose a chair that is height-adjustable, comfortable and provides proper support for your back.

Create dedicated storage spaces

You could have sworn you knew where you put them…Do you spend a lot of time searching drawers around the house for important work notes, files and documents? Investing in storage is something that you won’t regret and will make decluttering and organising your home office so much easier. At Custom Made, we can create bespoke, made-to-measure bookcases, cabinets, drawers and cupboards to suit your exact needs and style.

Ensure your office is well lit

Staring at a computer screen all day can strain your eyes, especially in dark surroundings. Natural light is the best possible remedy for this, so ensuring that your home office is located near to a window is the best option.

However, if this is not a possibility, then you should make sure that your home office is set up with plenty of lighting. Warm lighting is considered better for your eyes than bright white and blue lighting.

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