9 Interior design secrets they don’t want you to know

9 Interior design secrets they don’t want you to know

Looking for design inspiration for your home? We share 9 top tips interior designers use for creating beautiful homes, from built-in wardrobes to lightbulbs!

Built-in wardrobes save lots of space

Custom built-in wardrobes make the most of every nook and cranny in your bedroom to provide you with an array of clever storage solutions. This gives you all the space you need for your clothes and accessories so you can ensure your bedroom is the sanctuary it is meant to be. 

Redesign ugly features

Instead of spending a mint on removing, disguising or relocating eyesores, such as air ducts and extractor fans, think about interesting ways to redesign them. Whether you choose to paint ugly vents bright pink or make a sunflower out of the fan, you’ll create clever and unique piece of art that'll add to the overall feel of your home.  

Mix the old with the new

Despite what you have been told, old and new pieces do belong together. Mix carefully considered antique accessories with modern furniture for a timeless and elegant look. 

Transform your staircase into a style statement 

Utilise your staircase to make a real impact as soon as you walk through the door. Rip up the old carpet and choose something that perfectly reflects your style, such as painting each step a different colour, or copying the spines of your favourite books on the vertical or drawing a trellis of flowers entwining their way up the stairs.  

Bespoke kitchens are the heart of the home

Not only will a bespoke kitchen look incredible, but it will function around your lifestyle perfectly too. As a made to measure kitchen is designed and built to your specifications, you can create the kitchen of your dreams, whether that’s country classic with a walk-in pantry or contemporary chic complete with your very own wine fridge. 

Use wallpaper to brighten up dead spaces

Use funky wallpaper to bring moments of joy to otherwise tired and mundane spaces such as hallways, pantries and downstairs toilets. 

Opt for unique pieces of furniture 

Custom-built living room furniture instantly adds the wow factor to any home, whether that’s with a TV unit, built-in bookcases, funky shelving or even your very own bar.  

Carefully consider your lightbulbs

A big, ugly lightbulb can ruin the effect of your gorgeous lightshades and lamps. So, think carefully about which style you choose and remember to opt for LED ones as they’re much better for the environment. 

Upgrade your light switches

Light switches are used every day but are often not given a second thought when we redecorate a room. Make sure this vital element of your home isn’t letting down your overall aesthetic by carefully considering your light switch choice.  

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