4 Tips For Preparing Your Home For Autumn

4 Tips For Preparing Your Home For Autumn

With the scent of spicy hot drinks in the air and trees boasting crimson and golden leaves, there’s no more denying that autumn has officially arrived - Our furniture designers share their tips for making the most of your home this season...

Clear out your summer clothes

Now the days are cooling down, it’s a great time to swap your summer outfits for your winter ones. While you’re making the change, set aside any clothes you no longer wear or accessories you don’t use and drop them off at a local charity shop for someone else to love. 

Invest in fitted wardrobes 

Once you’ve exchanged your summer shorts for your cosy knitted jumpers, you may find your wardrobe space just isn’t big enough to fit in all of that extra material. However, there is an alternative to stuffing your favourite winter jeans and boots under the bed - fitted wardrobes. Bespoke furniture is built around your specific needs and is designed to make the most of your available space so you can store all your winter gear neatly away. 

Swap summer curtains for winter ones

Help keep your rooms nice and toasty by exchanging thin summer curtains for heavy winter ones. Specially lined with a layer of thermal material, winter curtains are fantastic at helping to prevent your lovely hot air escaping through your windows. 

Decorate for the autumnal season

Use autumn inspired decorations to create a cosy, welcoming atmosphere for you to come home to at the end of a long day. Seasonal candles are a great way to achieve this as they fill your home with warming scents of berries and spice. Adding thick, fluffy throws to your living room and bedroom not only brings texture and visual appeal to the room but they are also perfect for snuggling down with on a cold autumn night. 

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